About DHIS

Darul Hikam was established by K.H.E Hasbullah Hafidzi in 1943.

Firstly, he established “Madrasah Islam” in Kampung Cisitu Girang, Bandung. In 1949, the madrasah change its level became Sekolah Dasar Islam named Sekolah Rakyat Muslimin.

By the time this foundation kept on developing, in 1949 it established Sekolah Menengah Pertama (SMP) at Jl. Puyuh No. 4, named SMP Muslimin and in 1964 established Taman Kanak-Kanak Islam, located in Hj. Dedeh Ruhiyati Hasbullah house, Jl. Ir. H. Djuanda No 212, Bandung.
Due to hardworking of K.H.E Hasbullah Hafidzi, finally he succeed to build Darul Hikam Mosque size 12m x 8m at Jl. H. Djuanda no. 285.
In 2007, Darul Hikam Foundation had an initiative to establish Islamic International School, because the number of Islamic International School in Bandung is still rare. The reason to establish Islamic International School is to respon the need society to have International education within Islamic athmosphere. Darul Hikam Integrated School is started from Primary level to Secondary level.
Generally, Darul Hikam Foundation has a mission to build Islamic character, attitude, behaviour and personality, in short, it is called to build “akhlak”.
Therefore, this mission become a motto of Darul Hikam, that is “To Build Akhlak and Prestigious”.
To support the mission, Darul Hikam issued “The 10 Akhlak and Prestigious of Darul Hikam
Our Vision 
“To be an excellent Islamic school with global mindset in West Java through Akhlaq and Achievement characters”
  1. Conducting a high quality and integrated Islamic and general education by embedding Taqwa values and global skill development.
  2. Conducting a professional education management system to strengthen the existence of Islamic school image in a national education system.
  3. Building partnerships to support an optimized high quality education service to spread Islamic values.
  1. To worship and perform shalat jama’ah diligently
  2. Be disciplined and possess a hard working attitude
  3. To maintain a healthy and clean environment, with a no-smoking area
  4. To implement Islamic behaviour between ikhwan and akhwat 
  5. To behave and speak politely
  6. To cooperate and care for each other in harmony
  7. Be honest and responsible for each other
  8. Be independent and be always forthcoming in showing kindness
  9. To implement amar ma’ruf and nahyi munkar as a personal responsibility
  10. To observe Islamic traditions to achieve goals and god willing to become truly an excellent person

The basic curriculum of Darul Hikam Integrated School  is Special Curriculum of Darul Hikam (Kurikulum Khas Darul Hikam), It consists of Islamic characters based on Al Quran and Hadist.

Furthermore, Darul Hikam International School -Primary- uses Combine Curriculum which is International Cambridge Curriculum and National Curriculum.

this is the list of extracurricular at DHIS Secondary

  1. Horse Riding
  2. Archery
  3. Robotic
  4. Muay Thai
  5. Swimming
  6. Futsal
  7. Aeromodelling
  • PTN
  • PTS
  • Overseas
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