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Mrs. Binar Kasih Sejati, M.Pd. Principal of Darul Hikam Integrated School – Secondary


Assalamualaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

Warm greetings to all visitors!

Welcome to the official website of Darul Hikam Integrated School – Secondary. This website provides timely, engaging, and current information about the daily basis of school activities, achievements, facilities, and staff members.

Our school is an Islamic school using a combination of National and Cambridge curricula. We are a semi-boarding school consisting of junior and senior high school students who come from all over Indonesia and overseas.

Our main concern is to develop students who can compete globally based on the Islamic characters and values.We integrate English skill abilities and Science-Technology innovation into the lessons to create qualified graduates that are well-prepared for a higher level of education and their future life.

Our teachers and staff are hardworking and committed to Islamic education. We keep updating the latest knowledge and developing professional skill so that we can give our students the best.

Lastly, our school is located in a cool environment (16⁰-21⁰C) with many green areas surrounding it. We believe that conducive environment can support a learning process optimally. You are very welcome to arrange your time to come visit us and see our school in action. We hope you find our website useful. Thank you.

Mrs. Binar Kasih Sejati, M.Pd.
Principal of Darul Hikam Integrated School – Secondary

Darul Hikam Integrated School - Secondary

DHIS secondary emphasizes on the development of students’ characters rooted in the Islamic value and taqwa character. Using National Curriculum as a core, we sharpen skills and familiarize students with HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills), STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), and deep-learning process. 

We also adopt and adapt materials from Cambridge Curriculum on a certain subject as supporting curriculum. We develop students potential through 5 pillars of a students development program.

Darul HIKAm Integrated school - secondary

“To become an Islamic school that excels in Indonesia and is globally competitive through a culture of good morals.”


  1. 1.     Realizing an integrated Islamic, general, and international education curriculum of high quality to produce students who are taqwa and have international achievements.
  2. 2.       Organizing a professional management system to strengthen the quality of graduates and the image of an Islamic school that   focuses on English language skills and scientific and technological innovation.
  3. 3.       Have educators and education staff who have good character, are globally competitive, and are committed to Islamic   education.
  4. 4.     Having standard educational facilities that are characteristic, complete, clean, beautiful, and Islamic to support a quality learning process.
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