School Vision

To build and excellent Islamic generation that is globally competitive and care about environment through Akhlaq and Achievement culture 

 School Missions

  1. To realize an integrated and qualified Islamic, national, and international curriculum resulting Taqwa-Student Profile with noble akhlaq and international achievements. 
  1. To organize a professional management system to strengthen the quality of graduates and the image of Islamic schools that focus on English skills and science-technology innovation. 
  1. To have educators who have good character, globally competitive, and committed to Islamic education. 
  1. To have a good standard of facilities that are complete, environmental friendly, clean, and aesthetic to support a qualified learning process. 

 Why Choose Darul Hikam Integrated School – Secondary

  1. Focus on strengthening students’ akhlaq 
  1. Prepare students to improve their English skill 
  1. Apply combined curriculum (Cambridge International Curriculum, National Curriculum, and Darul Hikam Special Curriculum) 
  1. Have a conducive school environment  
  1. Conduct Student Immersion program to English speaking countries 
  1. Collaborate with many institutions in education and non-education field 
  1. Have varied extracurricular and club 
  1. Perform extraordinary school event 
  1. Implement collaborative project assessment 
  1. Manage student personal psychological treatment 
  1. Have qualified educators 
  1. Pass qualified graduates 
  1. Manage dormitory program to strengthen life skill based on age and gender 

 School Values

  1. Sincere
  2. Patient
  3. Trustworthy
  4. Disciplined
  5. Caring
  6. Intelligent
  7. Excellent

 School Culture

  1. Worship and pray in congregation diligently
  2. Be disciplined and possess hard a working attitude
  3. Have a healthy and clean environment, with no-smoking area
  4. Engage in Islamic behavior among ikhwan and akhwat
  5. Behave and speak politely
  6. Cooperate with and care for each other in harmony
  7. Be honest with and responsible for each other
  8. Be independent and be a pioneer in doing kindness
  9. Implement ammar ma’ruf nahyi munkar as a tradition
  10. Achieve goals and become champions.